The Isles of Scilly Golf Club offers various different membership options that cater for all types of golfers including; full members, junior memberships (for both over and under 14 years old), startups, seasonal golfers and more. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions or queries or if you would like access to our application forms.

Our members receive many benefits from becoming part of the Clubhouse which include; preferential tee time booking rights; playing as many holes as you please; having the rights to holding an official Club handicap; entry to Clubhouse competitions; reduced green fee rates for friends and family and more. For more information regarding the process or benefits of becoming a member, please call 0123 456 7890.

Membership Fees

Full Member (18+) £355.00

Junior (over 14) £83.00

Junior (under 14) £3.00

Country Junior (under 18) £83.00

Country Member (18+) £195.00

Start Up (3 month trial + lessons*) £60.00

Seasonal Staff Apr-September £200.00

*For start up members, we want you to have a head start in your quest to mastering the art of golf, we provide our very own golf tutor that will take you through the basics of golf - giving beginners a chance to start their game with the right pointers. The ex-professional stays on the island and continues to live for his passion in golf and it is quite common to see him relaxing around the clubhouse. He has coached kids previously, so there is no one ‘too amateur’ for his time.

We have a qualified member of the European Golf Teachers Federation and will be happy to help. Please contact the club for more information.